Unit 1:  The Foundation of the North American Colonies

Unit 1 Test Schedule Changes

The Multiple Choice Test for Unit 1 will be on TUE, 9/8, for Pd 2 and on WED, 9/9, for Pd 1.

The Short Essays are due on TUE, 9/8, before first block for BOTH classes!

Short Essay Prompts can be downloaded here.

Unit Outline Download

Chapter Reading Schedule:

Chapter 1 is due Wednesday, August 19.

Chapter 2 is due Monday, August 24.

Chapter 3 is due Thursday, August 27.

Chapter 4 is due Tuesday, September 1.

Unit 1 Test is Friday, September 4.

Posted Lecture Notes:

Note:  Posted notes include essential material presented in lecture but are not always organized in the same manner as the classroom presentation.

Unit Study Aids:

Recommended AMSCO Readings:

        • Ch 1 Exploration, Discovery, & Settlement, 1492-1700
        • Ch 2 The Thirteen Colonies & the British Empire, 1607-1750

Unit Assignments



Due Date

Unit Vocabulary
(25 pts)

Download the Unit One Outline, and define the terms in BOLD on the vocabulary list.  Provide both the factual background and the significance of each term to the development of Colonial America.

FRI, 9/4
Course Communication
(10 pts)

APUSH is a content-intensive course, and communication is key.  You have taken the first step in establishing effective communication by accessing this website.  This is the main source of information for APUSH.

The second step involves contacting me via e-mail.  E-mail Kind at his school e-mail address <ckind@northstar.k12.ak.us> to make sure you know the best means to get specific questions answered outside school hours.  If you do not have e-mail access, stop & check in with Kind before school starts on Tuesday.

The third step in establishing effective communication is a short reading assignment.  There are two main ways in which content is  conveyed:  via textbook  and via lecture.  The listening, reading and notetaking skills required to succeed in APUSH are study habits we will work on throughout the year, and ones you will want to acquire before college.

Below is a document from Dartmouth College that provides some insight into the listening skills needed to survive and thrive in a lecture course.  Read the document and be prepared to show your knowledge of the content when we next meet.
TUE, 8/18
Hawthorne Stories Response
(25 pts)

Read the two Nathaniel Hawthorne short stories linked below, "Young Goodman Brown" & "The Minister's Black Veil."  Then, respond to the two prompts below--about 1.5 typed pages total should be sufficient. We will discuss the stories in class on the day that they are due.

1. What do we learn about Puritan life, in particular their theology and understanding of the natural & supernatural realms, from Hawthorne's short stories?

2. In what ways are the Hawthorne stories valuabe historical sources, and in what ways are they problematic?


If you do not wish to print out the reading at home, you may make a photocopy of it in the WVHS Library. The Librarians have a APUSH Reserves binder for you to borrow and make photocopies from; please do not print directly from the computers at school.

TUE, 9/1