Unit 3:  The New Nation, 1776 to 1812

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Chapter Reading Schedule:

Chapter 8 is due Thursday, 10/ 9.

Chapter 9 is due Tuesday, 10/14.

***For Pd 1, Unit 3 Test is Wednesday, October 22.***

***For Pd 2, Unit 3 Test is Thursday, October 23.***

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Note:  Posted notes include essential material presented in lecture but are not always organized in the same manner as the classroom presentation.

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Recommended Readings:

Unit Assignments



Due Date

Unit Vocabulary
(25 pts)

Download the Unit Three Outline, and define the terms in BOLD on the vocabulary list.  Provide both the factual background and the significance of each term to the Critical & Early Federalist periods of American history.

WED, 10/22
Republicanism Reading
(10 pts)

After reading the handout you picked up before the Unit 2 Tests, define the three types of republicanism described in the short reading.

MON, 10/6
Hypothetical Election of 1800
(100 pts)
This assignment has been cancelled.
Election of 1800 Article Precis
(25 pts)
The Election of 1800 is considered one of the most significant in American history--perhaps THE most significant. It was the first time that a presidential election resulted in the transition in power from one political party to another. This, of course, happens all the time now, but in 1800 there was no gurantee that this would happen at all, let alone happen peacefully.

  1. Read the attached directions for writing a Precis, which is a formal summary assignment;
  2.  Following the directions from the Precis handout, read & digest the Smithsonian article on the Election of 1800 article;
  3. Write a Precis of the article, the final product being about 1.5 typed pages.

If you do not wish to print the readings at home, you may make a photocopy from the APUSH Reserves binder in the WVHS Library. Please see our wonderful librarians for assistance.
For Pd 1, due TUE, 10/21.

For Pd 2, due WED, 10/22
History Day Topic & Group Selection
(25 pts)

Direction to be posted at a later date.