Unit 5:  From Nationalism to Secession

Unit Outline Download

Chapter Reading Schedule:

Chapter 11 is due Thursday, 11/12.

Chapter 14 is due Tuesday, 11/17.

Chapter 15 is due Friday, 11/20

Unit 5 Test is Wednesday, 11/ 25.

Posted Lecture Notes:

Note:  Posted notes include essential material presented in lecture but are not always organized in the same manner as the classroom presentation.

Unit Study Aids:

Recommended AMSCO Readings:

  • Ch 10: The Age of Jackson, 1824-1844
  • Ch 12: Territorial & Economic Expansion, 1830-1860
  • Ch 13: The Union in Peril, 1848-1861

Unit Assignments



Due Date

Unit Vocabulary
(25 pts)

Download the Unit Five Outline, and define the terms in BOLD on the vocabulary list.  Provide both the factual background and the significance of each term to the developments in American democracy & social reform.

WED, 11/25
Evolution of Slavery Debate
(10 pts)

Read the attached handout on how the debate on the issue of slavery has evolved.  Complete the following:
  1. Highlight 3-5 quotes from each author that illustrate his position on the debate (These  should not be extensive quotes; they should be meaningful);
  2. Be ready to discuss how the ideas in the Jefferson readings influenced those of the other writers, or how the other writer built on Jefferson's ideas.
WED, 11/19, for Pd 2

THU, 11/20, for Pd 1
Fugitive Slave Act Document Exercise
(25 pts)

The document reader below as well as the assignment were handed out in class.  The two components of the assignment are new models for us.  Please take them seriously, and ask questions if you need help.

MON, 11/23 for Pd 2

TUE, 11/21, for Pd 1
Slavery Paper
Outline or Rough Draft

(50 pts)
Slavery Readings
MON, 11/30