Unit 11:  WWII & the Cold War

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Chapter Reading Schedule:

  • Chapter 25 is due Thursday, 3/25
  • Chapter 26 is due Tuesday, 3/30
  • Chapter 27 Assigned Sections are due Friday, 4/2
  • Unit 11 Test is Monday, 4/12

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Unit Assignments



Due Date

Unit Vocabulary
(25 pts)

Download the Unit Ten Outline, and define the terms in BOLD on the vocabulary list.  Provide both the factual background and the significance of each term to the development of economic, political, social & cultural developments in America during WWII & the origins of the Cold War.

MON, 4/12
Pearl Harbor 50-Word Sentence
(15 pts)

Read the excerpt from John Dower's book War Without Mercy: Race & Power in the Pacific War and respond to the following in a 50-Word Sentence:

According to John Dower, what did the Japanese expect to happen when they attacked Pearl Harbor and why did they expect the attack to work?

WED, 3/25
War in Pacific/Atomic Bomb Assignment
(15 pts)

Using any resource available to you, look up a military plan called Operation Downfall.  Using the information you find and what you know about Island Hopping (especially the battles of Iwo Jima & Okinawa) explain why American in 1945 were so willing to use the Atomic Bomb to bring an end to World War II.

You may do this in a paragraph or 50-Word Sentence. 

TUE, 3/30

Cold War Overview


MON, 4/12

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APUSH Exam is FRIDAY, May 8.