Unit 9:  Imperialism & the Great War

Unit Outline Download

Chapter Reading Schedule:

  • Ch 20 (pp. 703-15) & Ch 22 (pp. 763-69)—Wednesday, February 17.
  • Ch 22 (Remaining Portions)—Monday, February 22.
  • Unit 9 Test is Thursday, February 25.

Posted Lecture Notes:

Note:  Posted notes include essential material presented in lecture but are not always organized in the same manner as the classroom presentation.

Recommended AMSCO Readings:

  • Ch 20: Foreign Policy, 1865-1900
  • Ch 22: World War I, 1914-1918

Unit Assignments



Due Date

Unit Vocabulary
(25 pts)

Download the Unit Eight Outline, and define the terms in BOLD on the vocabulary list.  Provide both the factual background and the significance of each term to the development of American Imperialism & the fighting of WWI.

THU, 2/25

No other assignments this unit.