Reading Assignment

The following articles represent the cutting edge of scholarship  on the history of Native Americans before, during and after contact with Europeans.   The history they chronicle ranges in time from as recent as 300 years ago to as early as 30,000 years ago.  Some of it is speculative, but all of it is based on the best archaelogical and anthropological evidence available.  As you read, keep in mind the two paradigms discussed in the introduction, and pay close attention to the dynamic nature of Native American history before the settlement of what we have come to consider the American Colonies in at the beginning of the 17th century.  When you are ready, proceed to the writing assignment at the Wolf Howl link below.

The articles are all in PDF format.  Adobe Reader is available for download free of charge.
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Recommendation:  Download the articles to your computer and print a copy.  The file for the Calloway article is quite large; it will take a while to download.

Articles for Download:

Notetaking Strategy:  When reading scholarly articles, focus on the author's thesis and the specific arguments provided in support.  The detailed evidence is important too, but in such articles focus on the analysis and the author's most significant factual support--the big facts, not the minutiae.

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