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"With the founding of Virginia and Massachussetts as the first permanent English colonies in the 17th century, the 'Old World' firmly took hold in the 'New World.'  In the decades that followed, the 'New World' experienced its most significant, sustained level of change as 'Old World' Europe displaced & replaced 'New World" Native America."

Given what you know about world and American history, and given what you have learned from the assigned articles, assess the validity of the above interpretations of Native American history before and during the period of European contact.


Your essay should be typed, approximately 2-3 pages or 500 words.  It should be organized around a strong central thesis statement and appropriate topic sentences.  (Though I will not use it formally in grading your essay, APUSH essays are graded using a rubric based on the 6-Traits Rubric with which you are familiar from your English classes.  Download a copy here.)

Analysis Hint:  Some would suggest that the Americas had a long, complex history and that far from a new phenomena, the types of changes in the land after 1600 were simply the latest developments that had been altering the world of Native Americans for centuries.

Writing Assistance:  To help you out, I have created an outline template for you to follow in writing this paper.  You are not required to follow it, but at the very least take a look at it to help you get started.  Download it here.

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